April 2017

This month is proving to be an exciting one for ideas and projects I’ve had on the back burner for multiple years now.  Spring cleaning!

On April 5th, I’ll be opening for legendary composer and past Megafaun collaborator, Arnold Dreyblatt, with a solo percussion set, which will consist of live interpretations of selections from Mojave Interlude, collaged with other ideas and field recordings I’ve collected over the years.

On April 25th Joe O’Connell (Elephant Micah) and I will play a collaborative set of new songs we have been writing separately over the past few years.  This will be the first public performance of these, and the first non-sparrow songs I’ve written since the Megafaun days…eek! Opening for In Via (of Dark Dark Dark).

Also some continuations of recent work:

On April 9th, at 4pm, Carson and I return to The Shed for a Prana Vinyasa + Improvised Music class, in celebration of Hanuman. All proceeds go to Girls Rock NC. A studio recording of this practice is available here.

On April 12th, I return to Neptunes to take part in James Gilmore’s free improvisation series, Bag of Tricks.  w/James Gilmore and Vattel Cherry.

On April 29th, I’ll be drumming with Molly Sarle (Mountain Man), opening for Dead Tongues and Loamlands at Cat’s Cradle.

More back-pocket projects to be revealed in May.  Will post those soon! Thank you for reading!