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“Tuesday at Ten” is a free-form livestream broadcasted from my home every week, as an adjustment/response to the disintegration of live performance and spontaneous connectivity in the time of this global pandemic. Sometimes I improvise new music from my home studio. Other times I play things I’ve been enjoying my living room record collection. It usually ends up being a little bit of both. Either way, my intention is to keep myself actively, curiously seeking the cultural DNA, source and root of all the music we create and consume, and hopefully keeping our creativity moving forward through this strange time. The streams are always free in the moment they are performed, but I ask that you consider donating to one of organizations listed on the twitch page, and check out my patreon page for access to the complete archive, to further support this process.

07/28/2020 Work Hour Set Map:

Ravi Shankar – Morning Raga, In Hollywood, 1971 
> Improvisation > Pattern Return – JW 
> Mbira Collage/Emergent Marbled Weaver – JW
N’Gbangatou – Ongo Trogodé, Jan Michiels Performs György Ligeti  & Improvisation
Trance Improvisation
Marijuaguancó – Ryan Olson Remix > Améya – ngala – Ongo Trogodé & Beat Improvisation
Paramahansa Lake/Journey In Satchdananda – Alice Coltrane

07/21/2020 Work Hour Set Map:

Ramón Marquez Rodriguez – Guaguancó 3 Congas
Marijuaguanco – JW/Ryan Olson Remix
Two Symbols/Marijuaguancó – JW
Guaguancó Improvisation
Ituri Air & Variations – JW
Oru de lgbodú para Yemayá: Elegguá – Amado Diaz Alfonso (Sample & Improvisation) > Pattern Return (JW)
Bells & Electronics Improvisation 

07/14/2020 Work Hour Set Map:

All Love – Albert Ayler
One (tease) – JW
Improvisation (delay w/sharp objects) – JW
First song of the Elima, the Women’s Society – Group of Mbuti Women 
Deishi – JW >
Watercolor Envy – JW > Improvisation
Paper Temple – JW > Improvisation > One (theme/intro) -JW
Two Symbols/One – JW
Pattern Return (part 3) – JW
Oru de lgbodú para Yemayá: Elegguá – Amado Diaz Alfonso
Oru de lgbodú para Yemayá: Obatalá (excerpt) – Amado Diaz Alfonso
Paramahansa Lake (sample) – Alice Coltrane
Huntington Ashram Monastery – Alice Coltrane

07/07/2020 Work Hour Set Map:

Unicorns in Paradise – Laraaji
12/8:3/4 Improvisation w/feedback drone – JW
Gamelan Bells and Delay Improvisation – JW
Alice Coltrane Sample Collage & Improvisation:
Alice Coltrane – Paramahansa Lake
Alice Coltrane – Radhe- Shyam
Punta – Joe Diego, Hortense Miranda, Martina Rodriguez, et al
Pattern Return (parts 1,2&3) – JW
Transitional Improvisation -JW
Paper Temple – JW
Marijuanguanco – JW
Emergent Marbled Weaver – JW
Gara Gara Cinta – Gamelan Degung (sample & improvisation) 
Gamelan Bells Delay Improvisation – JW (Reprise)

06/30/2020 Work Hour Set Map:

Lukembe and Voice – Abdul Aziz 
Ituri Air – JW
Watercolor Envy – JW
Bayu Bayu -Idjah Hadidjah
One – JW
Pattern Return – JW
Oru de legbodú para Yemayá: Elegguá – Amado Diaz Alfonso
Ituri Air – JW

Remix for Resonancy 2019: